What is a Sari

A sari is simply a long length of fabric, typically six to nine yards, that?s worn elegantly wrapped around the body. In this regard, one size truly fits all. One end of the material is richly decorated, and is called the pallu. It's usually worn pleated and pinned over the shoulder, draping down the back. It can also be worn open over the shoulder and draped over the arm.

A special blouse that bares the midriff, called a choli, and a petticoat are worn under the sari. As the sari is wrapped around the body, the material is tucked tightly into the petticoat so it doesn?t fall down. No pins are needed. Cholis can be purchased separately, although quality saris do come with an attached piece of blouse material. This is taken to a tailor who will hem the sari and make the blouse to size in a couple of days.


What Different Types of Saris are Available

Every state across India has its own special weaves and fabrics for its saris. One of the most popular and traditional types of saris is the Kanjeevaram (Kanchipuram), from south India. This sari is made out of heavy silk material and has broad decorative borders and contrasting colors. Many of the patterns are derived from temples, palaces and paintings.

Another popular type of sari is the Banarasi sari, which is hand woven in Banaras (also known as Varanasi). These saris became fashionable way back when the Moguls ruled India, and they exhibit patterns from this era. Banarasi saris are admired for their eye catching, colorful dyed silk fabric. Many feature designs of villages, flowers, and temples.

Other well known types of saris include the bright tie-dyed Bandhani/Bandhej saris from Rajasthan and Gujarat, cotton Gadhwal saris with silk borders and pallu from Andhra Pradesh, and the gorgeous fine silk and gold woven Paithani saris with peacock design from Maharastra.

A notable feature of most saris is the zari (gold thread) work in them. This fine gold thread is woven throughout the sari, but appears mostly on the borders and pallu. The zari itself traditionally comes from Surat, in the state of Gujurat.



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