About Us

We are the premier handloom providers and manufacturers of beautiful handloom saris. We have with us several weavers who dedicatedly work for us and cater to the need of our esteemed customers. The weaving art, as depicted in manuscripts and in various stone writing in Khandagiri and Udaygiri proves that we belong before 600 B.C.
Many people acclaim the intricate design and the devotion of the web designers across the world. We are the pioneer organization to bring the artisans and their artistic woven sarees to the people across the world.
We believe in diversity of products and concentrate on tribal design weavers who weave products like Kotpad on vegetable colours, tie-dye,Ikat which is known as warp weft design on silk and cotton of Sonepur,Tassar of Gopalpur, Makidia, silk of Berhampur, famous Khandua of Nuapatna and famous tie and dye of Bargarh.
The fact remains that people who choose the saris should be knowledgeable with their requirement. The reason behind this is that Odisha has myriad tribal cultures and each tribal culture has their own style. The Ikat is one of the internationally famous pattern, which adorn the sarees with various depictions of the culture. The tie and dye of the garments and sarees are organic and unique in its way. The design is woven in cotton, silk and tussar sarees. We have varieties of motifs and patterns, such as Bomkai, Sambalpuri, Nuapatna, Makidia, Khandua and many more. Odisha has as many as sixty-two weaver communities, settled in different parts of the state. Each community has separate mode of living and they differ significantly in their dress, ornaments and many other living things. For them the dress is an identification of their culture.
We have expert weavers with us who are great artisans and they produce:
Pasapalli Border Tribal Body and Traditional Aanchal Ikat Saree, beautiful red color Tribal design Ikat Silk Saree, white and green Orissa Handloom Saree, white and rust beautiful Bomkai SIlk Saree, rich border body flower box bomkai aanchal gorgeous silk saree, traditional aanchal tribal and pasapalli saree, tribal design body and peacock work aanchal Ikat saree, gorgeous blue tree design Ikat saree, Odisha Handloom Traditional Ikat Saree, gorgeous blue color animal motiff body with Ikat and Bomkai Aanchal Saree, full body and aanchal Bomkai work Silk Saree , Traditional Odisha Handloom Saree and hundreds of various motifs and material.
The other communal artifacts of the weavers are Kataki sarees, Berhampuri silk sarees and other designs and motifs that we have pointed out earlier are acclaimed internationally. The woven silk sarees, the tussar sarees and other varieties are our patent sarees that people all over the world ask for it.
Odisha handloom is the only organization that promotes such weavers and gets the best motifs to cater to the demand of several customers all over the world. However, if you need any custom made design Odisha handloom will try to cater for the motif. The silk, tussar or cotton is astounding and women will know exactly the efficiency of such sarees.
Moreover, if you have any inquiry about the products please find us in the net and express your desire. We will try to comply with it.