They say marriages are made in heaven. And so they may well be, but it is here, on Earth that marriages are truly celebrated, often with great pomp and ceremony, which reflect the myriad cultures and values of the people involved.

In India, marriages have always been referred to as `big, fat, Indian weddings`, which are filled filled with food, music and lots of revelry and activities.

It is to celebrate this act of divine union that we at Orissa Handloom decided to come up with this elegantly finished red and black Ikat cotton saree, depicting a marriage procession with Shehnai and other music instrument players on it`s body. The Aanchal has been highlighted with bride in a palki and groom on a horse.

We would urge our patrons to order this saree till stocks last, and as of always would wish for them to be safe during this pandemic.

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