When one thinks about the Taj Mahal in Agra, built as a monument of love to Mumtaz Mahal by Shahjahan, and giant pachyderms (Elephants) found in places like Asssam, Maharashtra etc, there appears to be almost no immediate or otherwise connection between the two trains of thought, right?

Well, that is where our expert weavers at Odisha Handloom come in, for it is due to their creativity that we can bring to you our Cotton Ikat saree with its beautifully interwoven motifs of elephants and the Taj Mahal. T

he Aanchal of the saree features motifs of wheels, signifying the wheel of Time, which keeps on spinning regardless of any factor or event, thus leading to another meaning, which says that elephants and the Taj Mahal shall always remain timeless symbols.

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