It has been quite a few days since the film on Shakuntala Devi, directed by Anu Menon started airing on the popular streaming service, Amazon Prime Video.

However, Shakuntala Devi had created magic long before, in an age where even having a radio was a luxury. Her almost prodigy-like talent and skill with mathematical calculation led her to be dubbed as `Human Computer`, when she proved that the computer had asked her a wrong question on a live show at the BBC studios.

It is to honour her and to celebrate a subject which is either subtly or otherwise present all around us, we got this beautiful Ikat silk saree with it s black body dotted with trigonometry and other mathematical equations and formulae, and with alphabets and trademark traditional motifs on its pink Aanchal from our expert master weavers which they have been weaving from last 3-4 years .

We would love to see our customers drape themselves in this saree and beguile everyone around them, and as of always, we would wish for our customers to be safe, healthy and happy during this pandemic.

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