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One of the most important activities which took place in the old days or ancient times in our country, happens to be trading, or more appropriately, maritime trading, meaning trading on via the seas.

These trading activities bright greater prosperity to our nation, and thus, merchants from Odisha played an instrumental role in contributing to this prosperity by virtue of their bravery, daring and courage.

As a mark of their courage, modern day Odisha decided to revive an old custom of sending off these sailors by launching small boats into the local rivers, to symbolise the send off these sailors, something which our expert weavers have depicted in this classic, intricately woven maroon and brown cotton and silk mix Ikat weave saree depicting the motifs of women carrying thalis or plates laden with incense sticks and earthen lamps, along with boats symbolizing the journey undertaken by the sailors, with the help of a theme known as boita bandhana.

And lastly, as of always, we would wish for our customers and patrons to remain safe during this pandemic
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