Almost every state in India is known for something or the other, and our state Odisha is no exception.

Known for its awe-inspiring temples and beaches, Odisha is but a blessed state, with the beaches of Puri, the smart city of Bhubaneswar, the verdant greens of the Similipal jungle, the Hirakud dam, as well as the Chilika Lake, amongst other things.

Thus, it is not unnatural that we have our saree, which happens to be a cotton Ikat saree depicting the famous Sun Temple at Konark, along with motifs of women dancing with tarangs, reflecting the ancient culture of temple dancers who used to perform their craft on auspicious days, and other motifs of elephants symbolizing majesty and the strength and dependability of the temple.

The rich combination lend a royal look to the saree, which is a testament to the devotion of our skilled weavers.
We would, therefore, love to see our customers and patrons drape this saree, made so very painstakingly by our weavers, who have outdone themselves as usual.
Lastly, as always, we would wish for all of our customers to be in the best of health, and to stay safe!

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