Though this particular tradition appears to have all but died, the truth is, it really hasn’t because one can see evidence of this tradition even today, for it is performed as an art, and requires rigorous practice, something true for any form of art.

The tradition being referred to here is mainly the tradition of temple dancers, that is, a group of women (or solo) who were very widely recognized across the length and breadth of ancient India or across their home ground for their dancing prowess.

The same dance styles are performed even today, though they are performed in auditoriums and other similar public spaces, not temples.

Regardless of the location, the intricate styles and beautiful grace associated with such dancers is quite universal in nature, as a result of which we have incorporated the same into our maroon colored Ikat weave Cotton saree adorned with the motifs of Temples and temple dancers wearing different coloured sarees giving different classical dance poses .

The saree itself is a Maroon colored one, signifying passion, elegance and the spirit and zest of life. Therefore, do come by our website and take this saree to your wardrobe
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