Ever since human civilization first began to flourish, water or water bodies assumed paramount importance. As all of us know, water is referred to as the elixir of life, for life without water is akin to near certain death.

Be it to bid someone farewell, or to purify oneself or to wash away the filth and dirt, water has long since been used for various reasons, thus shaping our lives.

To honor this natural resource, our weavers decided to craft this beautiful blue Ikat weave silk saree patterned with motifs of flowers and wheels, reminiscent of Odisha s Konark Sun Temple and depicting women paying their respects to the water bodies by decorating them with flowers.

Do be sure to purchase this exquisite saree till stocks last and also, it is our earnest request to you to stay at home, and to abide by the rules of sanitation and hygiene

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