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It`s has been six months since most of us last saw the world outside, and the reason is now a name that incites fear and is rarely taken.

In this time of uncertainty and stress, when the very fabric of humanity threatens to crumble, our expert weavers at Orissa Handloom decided to weave their magic in the form of this intricate Ikat saree, woven in Nuapatna, (Cuttack) with it`s distinctive motifs of lions symbolizing true strength, it`s motifs of temples, signifying the Divinity within and it`s motifs of butterflies and flowers at the Aanchal, which stand for the ever present life force of Nature herself, for there is a will there is a way.

With a passapalli touch on border makes the whole combination beautiful .

As of always, we would urge our patrons to remain safe and stay healthy during this pandemic
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