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One of the things for which our country is well known is the way we conduct marriages. They are often referred to as Big Fat Indian Weddings because of their splendour and associated extravaganza.

Weddings are also considered to quote holy and sacred as they hell two souls unite under the auspices of a purifying fire which signifies the passion, and energy of their relationship.

Thus, our expert weavers decided to weave this exquisite Ikat weave saree, decorated with motifs common to marriage such as the palki (palanquin), the kalash or container of holy water , musical instruments and so on.

It’s having a beautiful Tribal and tree motifs Aanchal which compliments the body of the sare .

Do be sure to visit our site and purchase this saree to celebrate your marriage.

We would also like to urge everyone to stay at home and stay safe.
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