One of the most famous stories concerning our jungles is `The Jungle Book` which is based in the jungle of Pench, Nagpur.

Jungles have always been an inescapable part of our life, and even in this modern age, their significance is unparalleled, due to their bountiful resources, and lush flora and abundant fauna.

Therefore, our weavers crafted this beautiful Ikat cotton saree with its animal ,tree motifs colorful body detailing life on the jungle through it`s rich brown tints fused with bright ochre and swamp green colors, and it`s equally colorful Aanchal which is delightfully green in color, decorated with the motifs of wheels, thereby indicating the passage of time and the cycle of life itself.

We would urge our customers to purchase this saree till stocks last, and lastly, but never the least, we would wish for all of our customers to be happy, and safe during this pandemic
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