The connection between the tribal people and this land of ours, with it`s diverse collection of flora and fauna has always been something to marvel at.

For generations beyond count, these humble people have upheld their traditions and way of living, which has enabled Nature to thrive without threat, something which is reflected in this hand Ikat woven silk saree from our weavers at Orissa Handloom belonging to the Nuapatana region, dotted with motifs of tribal gatherings and elephants, who are timeless animals themselves, known for them stability, power and majesty.

Beauty of the saree has enhanced with the touch of lotus motifs and pasapalli work too.

The saree is dark brown and black colors are reminiscent of the colors of the tribal huts and the land they reside on.

We would urge our patrons to purchase this exquisite saree before it`s stocks dwindle and as of always we hope all of our patrons and customers are hale and hearty

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