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“As graceful as a deer”. This particular phrase has almost always been associated with female dancers, whose inherent sense of grace lends a sense of effortlessness to their dance, whenever one witnesses them.

It is to depict that grace that we at Orissa Handloom came up with this rich maroon Ikat cotton saree with its motifs of women dancing with diyas in their hands and deer symbolising the connection between Mother Earth and all her creatures.

The rich patterns embody a spirit of devotion for the jungle as seen in the women who hold diyas in a devotional manner, and the deer below the leaves of the trees.

We would, therefore, love to see our customers and patrons drape this saree, made so very painstakingly by our weavers, who have outdone themselves as usual.
Lastly, as always, we would wish for all of our customers to be in the best of health, and to stay safe!

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