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No Blouse Piece

Dongria Kondh sarees are famously known as `Dongrias`. This isn`t just a saree, it is an epitome of great valour and silent sacrifices made by the weavers of `Nilayamgiri` hills and who are it`s protector.

This cotton Dongria has been accentuated with multitude of colours and geometric patterns in red, splashy orange, intense black and prosperous green.These colours are inspired from dense forests on the foothills .
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Rs.6999.00 ($106.05) Condition New

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These are handmade.
No two Sarees are equal..
even if from the same loom,
with same design,
and even same batch !!

Handloom can't compete with machines.
The weaver works 12 to 15 hours a day for 10 to 12 days to prepare one.